DHF is endeavoring to be a comprehensive prefabricated piping system manufacturer.

To achieve this goal, we conduct secondary prefabrication of our high-frequency pipe bending, the prefabrication of polyethylene lined pipes, and adopt the Weldless Piping System utilizing our hot branching processes.

Types of prefabrication


Plant welding (high-frequency pipe bending, composite pipes)

DHF is equipped with a manufacturing environment for conducting integrated production covering high-frequency processes and secondary prefabrication in our plants. This production system enables reduction in the number of welding operations, costs for non-destructive tests, and duration of the construction period, thereby resulting in total cost reduction. Many customers have selected this production system for a wide variety of applications.


Plant welding (lined pipes)

DHF is capable of conducting optimal prefabrication for various types of lining processes which in turn facilitates integrated production control, shortens the delivery time, and improves product quality. Our lined pipes have been supplied for many applications.

Examples of prefabrication products and applications

  • Piping prefabrication(weldless piping system)

  • Piping prefabrication(for lining)



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