• Bi-met

DHF Bi-met BT&P®/ DML

For municipal solid waste incineration plant biomass power generation plant / industrial plant, etc.

Since the beginning of the 2000s DHF has been promoting on site testing and evaluation of boiler tubes treated with Bimet coating at overseas municipal solid waste power generation incineration (co-gen) plants as a way to prevent the thining of boiler tubes.
After several years of observation, very little thining was selected, earing us a good reputation.
Making use of what we learned overseas about extended use and cost effectivehess.
Municipal trash incineration plant when we examihed untreated boiler tubes and plants at wood chip bio-mass incineration power plants, we found wear and deterioration problems similar to those observed at trash incineration plants replacing the damaged pipes and plants with Bi-met, treated pipes and plants, produced positive results similar to those experienced by solid waste plants. The most valuable benefit from using Bi-met, treated pipes and plants is a less downtime for maintenance and more stable plant operations and thus greater profitability.


Inside Japan (cities designated by ordinances, municipalities), outside Japan (East Asia, Europe, North America)
Metal coating for boiler tubes / metal lining for the inside surface of tubes
Formation of metal coating with high corrosion and wear resistance by using our proprietary induction heating technology.