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Bending machine lease, dispatch of technical advisers, design support

For engineering companies

For this project, new plant design and construction, we leased a bending machine and dispatched technical advisers to some countries, the 28th time we have leased out bending machines. Normally we ship a machine from our inventory to a filed site and install it there, then dismantle it when finished and ship it back to our plant in Japan. However, in this case, due to the lack of machines for lease, we built a new machine for our customer.
As usual, the technical advisers we dispatched were in charge of supervising the processes of conducting trial runs, performance tests, and performance qualification tests that are necessary for on-site operation of bending machines, instructing and educating the on-site operators about mechanical operations and matters related to safety awareness, quality assurance, and maintenance and inspection when the project was concluded, our technical advisers/supervisors oversaw the work of dismantling the bending machine and completing the export shipping procedures to reimport the machine back to Japan. As this project involved building a new plant from the ground up, our engineers worked in collaboration with the plant engineering division to design a spool pipe system, preparing blue prints and schematic diagrams for on-site use, to obtain approval, making a cutting plan, measuring and collecting physical data, and conducting and completing other such tasks.

[Amount of production / materials]
Tube sizes: 3B ~ 12B
Materials: ASTM A106GrB, SA106GrB, A333Gr6, API5LGrB
Tube wall thickness: Sch20, Sch30, Sch40, Sch8012B
Bend radius: LR / 1.5DR
Amount of production: 10,000 pieces or more


Southeast Asia
Bending machine lease / dispatch of technical advisers
Induction bending
August 2016 ~ June 2017
11 months
(including time spent for on-site installation and dismantling)
10,000 pieces or more