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IH hardening (quenching) of gears

IH hardening (quenching) of gears used in machinery and equipment

For gears necessary for manufacturing / processing equipment in various industries, IH hardening (quenching) is typically carried out to provide abrasion resistance and improve mechanical strength. Regarding the IH hardening (quenching) of gears of all sizes, we possess particularly high technological skills backed by our long-standing performance records.
It is also possible for us to consider and implement heat treatment methods tailored to specifications that demand tooth-root strength or tooth-surface hardness. For example, we can harden (quench) one tooth, or simultaneous harden (quench) all teeth, as well as meet other specifications.
We can also offer products with even higher strength by making case depth deeper compared to conventional carburizing a process, which has resulted in gaining even more trust from our clients.


Japan, Asia
IH heat treatment of various gears
IH hardening(quenching)