DHF Bi-met DML(Bimetal steel pipe)

DHF Bi-met™ DML is a bimetallic tube, where a highly wear and corrosion resistant self-fluxing alloy or hard particle diffusion composite coated lining with Self fluxing (SF) alloy matrix is formed on the inner surface of a steel tube by means of the high frequency induction heating (IH) process.


  • Highly reliable quality: diffusion bonding between the base material (steel tube) and coated lining eliminates peeling and corrosion.
    (IH process results in high consistency, reproducibility and powerful diffusion bond with lining interface)
  • High adaptability to respond to customer needs
    1. ① Optimum lining design: capable of optimally designing (with maximum cost performance) the coated lining required (material, thickness) depending on service conditions, installation location, target service life, and other factors.
    2. ② Our core technology—the IH bending process—can be applied, enabling the products to serve in various transfer system units.
  • 断面写真
    Cross-sectional photo
    Photo showing fusing and bending process

    “One stop” service DHF can do it all: procure base pipe/substrate, pipe bending, application of inner lining, flange welding, painting.

Product specifications

Lining material
SW1600: Ni-base SF alloy
SHW350: Ni-base SF alloy cermet
Lining thickness
Max. 2.0 mm (standard 1.5 mm)
Steel tube (base material) size
40A - 300A (sch 40 ~ sch 160)
Steel tube (base material) thickness
5.5 mm - 25 mm
Max. 3000 mm
Bending radius
4.5DR or over
  • Specifications may vary depending on such relevant conditions such the tube thickness.
  • Please contact us regarding any dimensions or specifications not provided above.

Application cases: pneumatic piping systems where particle wear occurs, especially in bent sections.

  • Piping in pneumatic piping systems in waste incineration plants or woody biomass power plants for transferring fly ash.
  • Pulverized coal injection piping, resin pellet transfer piping systems
  • Other piping systems used for conveying various materials.


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