The most important selling point of our Bi-met products is reliable quality.
These products can reduce the life-cycle cost and improve the combustion efficiency of various boiler systems.

DHF Bi-met™ is a series of very unique bimetallic products manufactured through the synergy between the applied technologies of self-fluxing alloys having excellent resistance to wear and corrosion, and the high frequency induction heating (IH) processing technologies that DHF has developed and refined over many years.
“Bi-met” is our original trademarked word name inspired by bi-metals.



The detailed characteristics of DHF Bi-met™ that can prevent or reduce declining operating efficiercy of boiler systems due to repairs and maintenance, and reduce their life-cycle cost are given below.

DHF Bi-met BT&P (Bimetallic High Performance Boiler Tube and panel)


Coated with self-fluxing alloys on the outer surface, these products are highly wear- and corrosion-resistant, and available in a wide variety of forms for use in boiler components as such as short or long straight tube, bent tube, a panel, or a finned panel.

DHF Bi-met DML (Bimetal steel pipe)


Coated with a self-fluxing alloy lining on the inner surface, these steel pipe products are mainly used in transport piping systems that require strong resistance against wear and corrosion.


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