Manufacture of High-performance, High-quality Roll with Experience Spanning 35 years

DHF is proud of its 35 plus year history as one of the few domestic roll manufacturers capable of integrated production from procurement to completion, using surface treatment and machine processing technologies utilizing high-frequency hardening (quenching).
DHF manufactures cast rolls, hollow rolls, sprayed roll,s special material rolls and others, including prototypes. DHF is constantly improving its technical capabilities in response to the growing demand for higher performance and quality.
DHF's primary roll manufacturing is based in the Kanto region. DHF also has operations in the Kansai and Kyushu regions.

Types of Manufactured Rolls


Large-diameter Hollow Rolls (DHP Rolls)

The “Roll forming & welding method (DHP rolls)” is used to make DHF’s proprietary hollow rolls, These rolls undergo high-frequency heat treatment hardening (quenching) to produce rolls with performance similar to that of ring cast rolls.


Leveler Rolls

Manufactured with DHF's proprietary high-frequency hardening (quenching) technology and special DHF-developed material. These extremely tough leveler rolls are resistant to impact and bending and applicable for a wide variety of uses.


Self-fluxing Alloy Spray Rolls

DHF’s self-fluxing alloy spray rolls are highly rated by our customers. Our original technology using high frequency heat treatment (rather than treating by r-melting after the spray process) extends the service life of rolls used under a variety of conditions and environments.

Introduction of Products and Applications of Rolls

  • Cylindrical rolls

  • Leveler rolls

  • Press rolls(Rolling roll)

  • Self-fluxing alloy coated roll

  • Cermet spray coated roll



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